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    there are a lot of treo cases out there and the belkins flip case works the best very similar to the casetechwork case but goes alot further. one thing this is a case not a holster gives alot of protection to the unit protects the flap front and back and protects the screen and keyboard with out adding any bulk. you dont have to take unit out and risk dropping it and it is not a holster where you can bang the front of the treo and scratch it. only negative i found on this case is belkins should have put a hole in the back of the case for the reset pin.

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    Which model Treo do you have? The Belkin site doesn't mention the 300 in relation to this case.

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    i have a 270 and it fits like a glove

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    That's what I was afraid of. I'm going to contact Belkin, but since the Treo 300 is slightly thicker, I'm not too hopeful.

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    I got a response from Belkin about this case. They say it will fit the 300. If I order one, I will let everyone know what I find.

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    I have a Belkin case for my 300 and it fits perfectly. I did trim the plastic shield over the screen though. I think it makes it easier to use.
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    i agree with the last post about trimming the plastic over the screen definitely works alot better


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