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    my Treo270 does not sync Kalender+ with 4.0.1 Desktop anymore. All other apps sync as usual.

    It began, when my Treo crashed totally on an incoming call. Soft reset didn't work, because it hung after the splash screen with an error

    I had to hard reset the unit and remove some apps by hand prior to the hot sync.

    I guess I killed one app I shouldn't have killed.

    Can anybody with a 270 provice me with a list of stuff, that has to be on the Treo so that the Kalender+ syncs again.

    Thanks alot!

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    Well, I'm confused now.

    After I had to hard reset the unit again after trying to fix this problem myself I discovered that the Kalender+ sync is working but the new entries are not shown on the desktop anymore...

    Any help is greatly appreciated


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