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    How do you get "James Bond Theme" and "Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd" to Load using Ringo as Personal Tone???

    The other Polyphonics load fine for me as a personal tone using Ringo......

    I can get them to preview under their groups but not under "personal Tones" (they show up but wont play). . . but NO music...???

    tTey just reboot the treo, over and over, but wont play properly when set up.
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    i presume you are trying to load the versions of these, since the ones i posted did not include 'another brick' but did have the james bond theme.

    the problem is that they are just too long and so the treo errors out when trying to load them. palmgsm made 'ringtones' out of whole songs instead of just parts. this makes them both so long that they crash the treo and also in most cases not loud enough. that's because only certain pieces of the songs really make good ringtones.

    take a look through this thread for lots more information on ringtones including links to the ones i made. included there are james bond, mission impossible, and over 50 more songs and themes. they are just parts of songs and in most cases are louder than the standard tones. all work. in the case of james bond specifically, ringo may give you a message that the tone is large and MIGHT not work as a ringtone, but i use it all the time and it works fine.
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