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    I used to use write-right protectors for my visor dxl, but it made the screen look blury. Anyone know any really clear protectors?
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    There are other threads on this topic, but I've found the best is by Brando Workshop in Hong Kong. They make a WASHABLE protector that is so clear I never notice it's there. It also doesn't seem to get scratched. They don't list the Treo 300, but the one for Treo 180/90/270 fits it. (They all have the same size screen, just different size bodies.)

    Only $12 with shipping to the US.

    No, I don't work for them.

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    Don't use protectors designed for B&W units on color ones. They look like garbage. If you notice, WriteRights have one model for the 180 and another for the 270/300.
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    how clear are the color ones?BTY it seems that the bw ones are bad even on a bw visor
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    I use the 'G2' screen protector from

    They are perfectly clear, and have no adhesive to 'blur' things up. The only problem I have is that since there is no adhesive, they are installed under the edges of the screen, and on the 270 this causes enough pressure to activate the 'MENU' when closing the lid (there have been other threads on this). Loosening the two top screws didn't help, so I found that sliding the protector down so it did not slip under the top edge works great (it's still held securely on the other three sides).

    I've tried other adhesive protectors, and it always took several attempts to get them aligned correctly. The G2's slip right in.

    No, I don't work for the company....just a very satisfied customer.

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    FWIW, I use WriteRights on my 300 and while I noticed them when I first installed one, they are effectively 100% transparent to me now.

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