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    I have a new Treo 300 and am trying to synch with a new iMac running OS X. I installed the download software from Handspring for OS X (4.0), but Memo and To Do list are only items that synch. The Calendar and Address book remain blank. I was using the Palm desktop on the iMac prior to installing the Treo software. SprintPCS referred me to Handspring support, but they are closed on the weekends.

    Need help today!

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    Check to see if you installed the isync conduit portion of the palm 4.0 desktop. This was a separate file/program to install on the mac version. I had forgotten this part and it drove me nuts. Then in palm 4.0 desktop go to hotsync drop down, click conduit settings, set address book to do nothing, datebook to do nothing, to do list to do nothing, and then this should fix it, double click isync conduit and check sync contacts and sync calendars. good luck Tim,

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