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    Has anyone been able to configure Eudora to send and retrieve email with a address? If, what are the settings?

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    I bought Treo Mail. Works like a charm with mindspring. It is the reason I bought treo was to hve access to my mindspring account all the time. I have been very satisified. recent trip did not fire up the laptop at all. Did all I needed to do for 2 days on Treo.
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    After much fiddling, I have finally been able to use Eudora send an email from my Treo using one of my Earthlink/Mindspring email accounts. The trick is to set the outgoing smtp server to

    I was using which works fine when connecting from my desktop, but that blocks foreign senders to prevent spam.

    For more info, see this FAQ at Earthlink support:

    The incoming server I use is; you may have a different one. Whatever works from your desktop should work from your phone for incoming mail.

    Put your whole email address in the username field.

    Also, I configured my Earthlink mailbox to forward each email to my, so I get an SMS whenever I recieve an email.

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