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    I'm trying to export my address book into address labels. Short of moving the list into an excel file and then converting that into a label, is there more efficient Palm/Windows software that could handle this seemlessly?
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    i would think if you synched palm desktop with outlook you could make them using outlook and word.
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    I second that. One of the reasons I've been using Outlook for years. Merges with Word documents seamlessly. Envelopes and labels, piece of cake.
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    I haven't figured out how to do labels with outlook and word. How do you do that? I know a piece of cake, but it has seemed more difficult to me.

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    i actually don't use word or outlook that much but the other night someone asked me to do them a favor and make some labels from their excel file. it works basically the same for outlook.

    i am on word xp so it might be slightly different on a different version of office, but you go into tools/mailing/label wizard or similar. then you just choose the type of label you are using, and pick your outlook address book as the data source. select address block as the format and that's pretty much it.

    again, if that doesn't seem to be the way in your version of word, when all else fails use the 'help' file and type in 'mailing labels'
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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    Since I just finished my Christmas cards from my Treo addresses I have some familiarity with how to do this. I use the Palm desktop to store my addresses but the process is the same if you use Outlook.
    Step 1 - Export your address book into Excel or .csv file (export only the fields required for your labels)
    2 - Download the free MSWord plugin from
    3- Start Word, look for the Avery icon at the top which starts an Avery wizard.
    4 - Pick you Avery label# and Excel file, finish the wizard and voila you have labels from your Treo!

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