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    I've done a search throughout the site for similar information but have found no answers. I have an ATTBI account and I'm trying to send e-mail through Eudora. I receive e-mails with no problem.

    I'm using the following:

    Incoming (POP) =
    Outgoing (SMTP) =

    And I get an "authentication failed" message. Log in to outgoing mail server, failed: Authentication failure.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Did you check out the the topic already in this section? It has all the info you need.

    I do not have ATTBI anymore, but I have used it with Eudora and it works great.

    It seems like you forgot something, what are the rest of your settings.
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    On your palm you must use either a GPRS or dial up account through an ISP. A Treo 270 can use T-Mobile GPRS therefore T-Mobile is your ISP during that connection. The same is true on the 300 and Sprint.

    ATTBI will only accept outgoing mail from their network (customers). Since you are probably not connected on their network because you are dialed in through someone else you need to use YOUR ISP's SMTP server.


    POP Server:

    SMTP Server:

    Your account information will be same because you are accessing the POP server ATTBI, but until you know your immediate SMTP server you cannot send.

    ISP's do this to prevent spam relay. You will need to contact your carrier if you are using a wireless service or the ISP you are dialing into to get the name of their SMTP Server.

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    I also have an ATTBI mail account & couldn't figure out how to make it work right on my Treo 300 (although I'm really new at this). I ended up using Eudora to access mail through my Sprint PCS mail account. Now when I send mail from my Treo it goes out from my Sprint mail account, but everything I receive from my ATTBI account gets forwarded to my Sprint mail account so I can still access all my mail & don't have to monitor the Sprint account separately. This works OK, but the message filtering I normally have set up on the ATTBI account gets turned off when you have mail forwarding set up, so now I get a bunch of junk mails on my PDA.

    If anyone figures out how to successfully set up an ATTBI mail account through Eudora (or any other mail program) without having mail go through the Sprint mail account, I'd really appreciate it. (Customer Service at ATTBI was no help.)
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    Here is how I configure Eudora to get my ATTBI mail:

    Treo E-mail configuration using Eudora 2.1 on the Treo
    When accessing your attbi email from another ISP, ports 110 & 25 are blocked, so you must use SSL for SMTP (port 465) and SSL for POP (port 995).

    Email Client (Treo/Eudora):

    In Eudora 2.1 on the Treo:
    In Account:
    On 'Basic' Tab:
    Return Address = {yourusername} (not case sensitive?)
    Username = {yourusername} (not case sensitive?)
    Incoming (POP) =
    Outgoing (SMTP) =

    In 'Security' Tab:
    Incoming (POP)
    Authentication = Best Available
    Security (SSL) = Alternate Port

    Outgoing (SMTP)
    Authentication = Best Available / Same as Incoming (SMTP)
    Security (SSL) = Alternate Port

    Note that your ATTBI password IS case sensitive when you enter it in Eudora. You may elect to enter it each time or save password

    If you copy this info exactly, you shouldn't have any problems accessing your ATTBI acct. I also have an ATTBI acct. and used Eudora for a while with these settings without a problem.
    It will also work with TreoMail and 2bAnywhere email clients.
    Unfortunatley we are quite limited to the different clients that will work with ATTBI as it requires SSL authentication and uses alternate port settings to send and retrieve your ATTBI mail.
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    Thanks for this info! I had found the server addresses on the ATTBI site, but of course it didn't have the numbers afterward that you provided, or the detailed information on how to set this up.

    How in the world did you know how to do this? I'm constantly amazed by what people know...

    Thanks again, now I can enjoy just getting my mail straight from my account & filtering out the crud again!
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    This worked for me as well, thank you 2 months later!

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