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    I have successfully built a photo album in handspring photo album but I can't figure out how to send it to files to be hot synced. Can Anybody walk me through this. I have clicked on file - send to hot sync is not highlighted or an option. Also I have successfully synced the example photo album that comes with the Photo album with no problems.

    Thanks Tim,
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    If you click on "Album " at the top of the screen on your desktop album view, there is an option to "send album to hotsync" and then you choose which user if there are multiple.
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    When I have the desktop photo album open ALBUM is not an option. If I select file the drop down menu has a send album prc to hotsync but it is not selectable as it is not highlighted? I have a mac and it (the handspring photo album) appears to be running in OS-9 instead of OS-X which i dont understand either. Very strange.

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    When you 'save as PRC', be sure to add the extension .prc to the filename. The Mac version under OS 9 Classic does not recognize the prc when you hotsync it. After you save it this way, just drag it into the install window. That is what seems to work for me. good luck.
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    Adding .prc to the filename allowed me to drag and drop to be installed. Success!

    Thanks Tim,

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