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    Is there another link besides that can be used to access the Vision options from the Treo? When using my PC, I can log onto the PCS Vision site and see the options for messaging, the mail, PCS Short Mail, etc. etc.

    Are these the options that are still not available to Treo users?

    For example, I would love to be able to use the pre-set messages
    from the messaging options or be able to use the PCS Short Mail in vision.
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    The only way to access PCS Short Mail on the Treo is to purchase Treo300SMS from PDAApps. There are many threads here about it. It modifies the onboard SMS app so that you can send short messages to phone numbers and email addresses. It also retrieves short mail messages sent to your phone. Without it, if someone sends you a short mail, you get a message with a URL that Blazer is unable to access because it is behind a Sprint firewall. Treo300SMS costs $19.95 and is available at and is well worth the money. It makes your Treo a complete communications device, IMHO.
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    I have Treo300sms and my biggest problem is the limitation of characters when using SMS. I thought I could use Short Mail and have access to more characters (1000 vs. 100)

    I went to the SPrintPCS site and sent myself a ShortMail. The Treo then said it was retreiving a Short Message but then nothing happened. It was lost in some black hole to never be seen again on my phone.
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    Send an email to The same thing happened to me when I first got Treo300SMS and the tech support people worked out the kinks. They will send some test messages and track them until the application is working properly.
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    Instead of using the 300SMS app, go to There, you can dowload a great PQA to allow you to send SMS to pagers, cellphones. You can also send messages from their web-site as well. FYI: PQA's allow you to use 'web clippings' on your TREO. This is a service by palm inc. utilized by the older Palm VII and today's i705. REACHTHEM is free and it is actually pretty fast. Thanks to speedracer for enlightening me with this great app/service. I don't know why more people are not talking about this service.
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    I looked this and found the whole implementation somewhat cumbersome (for me). Secondly, the software didn't install cleanly the first time. Nice idea, I guess.

    I'm sticking to Treo300SMS. It has always been very reliable for me. The support at PDAapps is first class and the product works as intended all of the time.

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