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    I was wondering what was the average signal strength users are getting. I am talking about the number of bars that are displayed at the top right of the screen when the wireless mode is activated. I live in the Cleveland area and on the West side of town I average between 2 and 3 bars of signal strength. I was wonder if this is adequate for data transmission. What are some of you other folks getting in your area?
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    Signal strength varies greatly depending on your location, the number of users on the cell, the weather, etc.

    You should have no problem sending and receiving data as long as the antenna symbol is showing, even with no bars. More bars are better, and you should have fewer error and a higher average throughput, but as long as the antenna symbol is showing, the phone is "talking" to the cell towers.
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    Thank you for that explanation. Makes sense.
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    I find Sprint to have many areas of low signal strength. Particulary in Boca Raton-West Palm Beach Florida area. Signal strength drops to 1 or no bars, enough to lose your call, (i.e.faded signal).
    On Long Island in NY as well.

    Sprint should really address this concern. I opened a call at Sprint Customer Service, I am expecting a response that tells me about how to get refunded for dropped calls, rather than addressing the signal strength issue.

    I was at a CompUSA yesterday and they said there were many complaints about Sprint pockets of poor signal strength, but not as many about T-Mobile.

    Is everyone having the same experience?
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    I get decent signal coverage most of the time. Worst places are in basements, on the beach, and near my house (I don't think sprint has many towers in Rockaway, NY) I have been reasonably satisfied for the most part tho...
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    I believe it depends greatly on how close you are to a cell tower and if there aren't many obstacles in the signal path.

    Also pocket areas of low/no signal strength will vary from city to city as well, depending on how developed the Sprint network is in that city/area. I'm in Dallas and the network is pretty good here. Can't get a great signal within my workplace, but that's the building, not the network.
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    I'm in Ann Arbor, MI where apparently a couple years ago a number of students and faculty here at the Univ. of Michigan filed a class-action lawsuit against Sprint for advertising coverage in this area but not actually providing coverage that was anywhere near adequate.

    Fortunately, they must have improved their system as I've had pretty descent coverage all over town. I rarely get 4 bars, but I often get 3 and usually have at least 2.

    Another nice thing to notice is that if you have zero bars, you would definitely not be able to hold a phone conversation with someone as the quality would be just too bad, but with zero bars you can still do most data operations relatively successfully. Checking email, SMS, etc all work even with a really poor signal, I find this very nice.

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    I've found that even with lower numbers of bars on my Treo compared to my old phone, the Treo keeps my call in progress a lot better. Places where I could not make calls or would drop calls are no longer a problem on the Treo.
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    I'm in denton just north of denton and my reception is pretty good even when i'm in class.

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