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    Does this work good?
    I want to get frames, and to advanced web sites. I hear it's the best browser?

    I just ordered it, and I never got a registration code?
    Does anyone have one? Or do you have a phone # to them?
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    The developers are in Japan, but have always responded quickly to my e-mails.

    Frames are possible with Xiino, but they are a pain in the ****.

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    I've been using it for a few days, but I have this question. Is anyone else noticing that page retrieval often stalls?

    It seems that perhaps 1 in 5 pages will hit a certain percentage of retrieval and then just never continue. The program doesn't freeze or anything, but if I hit reload, it will 99% of the time do the same thing and stall at the same point. And this is WITHOUT images enabled.

    It's driving me nuts. I thought it might be a bad signal, or the web site, but I can go right into EudoraWeb or Blazer and it goes with no problem on the same URLs.

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