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    Hey everyone!

    Just wondering what software you may have added to your Treo that has been the BEST! Whether it's games or utilities, I'm looking for whatever may get my Treo to that infamous "next level".

    Appreciate your insight.
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    Sprint Bizcon for true push e-mail
    Verichat for true always on chatting ability (still beta)
    Treo300sms for two way sms ability
    Recoecho for graffiti

    Hackmaster and:
    AutoShift Hack
    KeyCaps Hack
    Treo Keyboard utils

    With those apps and hacks, your treo will function like it should have out of the box: a true convergence device.
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    X-Master is more stable than Hackmaster, and it's freeware!
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    Originally posted by zbose

    AutoShift Hack
    KeyCaps Hack
    Treo Keyboard utils
    what are each of these and why do I need them.
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    The best way to learn is to try them (they are usually try-before-you-buy).

    I use Treo Keyborad Utils, Switcheroo, and EasyLaunch the most.

    TKU lets you assign key combinations to get full cursor functions (up, down, left, right), as well as the next/previous field function. These functions are available with grafitti, but were left out of the keyboard.

    Switcheroo lets you launch any app using only three keystokes.

    EasyLaunch lets you launch additional apps by pressing and holding the hardware buttons.

    I can't adequately describe them.. so just try and see for yourself if they are useful.

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    Hey backwerd,

    KeysCaps Hack - gives you the ability to either capatalize a letter or invoke the blue option by either a press and hold of the key, or a quick double-tap of the key. A user on this forum, metsfan wrote it.

    Crash - interrupts a "freeze" on the Palm and resets it after a user defined time. Also has logging capabilities to detect which app was running when it froze. Very useful for troubleshooting, you guessed it, crashes.

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