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    Hey everyone. Just wondering how Splash ID is?

    Seems okay for stroing a ton of info, but is it really that great to have?

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    I love it. It's one of the most used apps for me.

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    Couldn't live without it.
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    what is it
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    It is a password manager app with a desktop component. Check it out at

    BTW I love it.

    Originally posted by backwerd
    what is it
    My life is in my Treo... Where is yours?
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    SplashID is great! I've had it for quite a while now and it's definitely a must-have app. I also like SplashMoney.

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    I use SplashID to keep my credit card, SS#, web login/password, insurance policy #, vehicle registration, software registration, bank/brokerage account #'s, etc. I could use a simple database program to keep all this data, even password protected, but SplashID keeps the data encrypted. They say that if someone steals/finds my Treo, getting the data out of SplashID will be fairly difficult for them, whereas it would be easier from a nonencrypted database. (I hope.)

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