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    where can i get new Stylus from ?
    any retail stores ? or online
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    You can buy a 3 pack from If you haven't registered your Treo with Handspring yet, you should do that first, because you get an email for a discount from their online store. I forget how much the discount was, maybe $10 off your order.
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    there is also where you can get ones with pens and lots of other neat stuff... i have one of the ones with a pen. have not used it yet as a pen but its a nifty stylus with a clear point...
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    I lost my sylus. I asked the guy at the Sprint storer for one and he gave me the one for the I-300. I don't think he understood the difference. Anyway, it actually worked better than my treo stylus although it doesn't fit all the way into the slot. It stays more securely and its longer and better weighted.

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