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    I've been testing out Sprint Business Connection for about a month now and it seems to work well.

    However I've noticed recently that e-mail that I sent through it (I believe from the web page, not the Treo) has added the following line to it:

    This email was wirelessly enabled by Sprint PCS. Learn about this
    service at

    I would rather not have this included. After all, I'm paying a subscription for this service, if they are going to advertise in my e-mail, I don't want to pay.

    Anyone know how to turn this off? I looked all over the settings and didn't see anything.

    Anyone have a good customer service contact for BCS? I can't find anything on their web page.
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    I also wish I knew how to turn it off. I think it's the height of arrogance for Sprint to have us pay for the phone, the phone service, the data service, the BC service, and then they put an advertisement in my e-mail.

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    Check in your e-mail app to see if there is a signature there. I'm pretty sure it's something you can edit yourself... I created my own signature and use it instead.
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    The e-mail app has nothing to do with it. We are talking about an advertising "footnote" appended to the bottom of Business Connection enabled e-mails.
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    Quick follow up here. I sent a bunch of mail from the Treo itself this past week and at least in my sent items, I have no evidence of the signature file being present.

    I wonder if this is only put in from the web access page only.

    Can anyone confirm their signature experiences with Business Connection recently?
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    I do *not* get this advertising signature when sending a mail message from the BC application on my Treo.

    When using the web version of BC from Blazer, their advertising signature *was* added to the email. There does not appear to be anyway to override this with your own autosignature.
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    Every time I call tech support with email problems they try to push me towards Blazer.
    The BC connection works for email fine when it is working. It seems redundant to use a browser to read email. Sounds like what Microsoft would want you to do.

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