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    I'm a prospective Treo owner and would appreciate an opinion on Cingular's service. My Palm is almost dead - no longer syncs to PC and I'd really like to go to one device (soon!!). I've been reading the message boards and various user comments with interest. It would seem that the Treo is, in many respects the best device out there currently. The issues people occasionally have are enough to make one have second thoughts. I'm currently with Verizon - no real alternatives there currently - so I know I will have to switch providers.

    Question: Is anyone using the Treo with Cingular's service here in the Carolina's? My business requires me to have reliable mobile access and I am hesitating to make the plunge if a single band device is not going to work properly in this market. The local reps are no help on this. GPRS is supposedly coming one of these days but that is not a pressing issue for me right now. Phone/PDA functionality are the most critical right now.

    Thanks to anyone who can offer an opinion on this. Ireally appreciate the advice!
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    i am a cingular customer also in the clt. area of NC, using the treo since june. the reception of this device is far better than that of my old siemens s40 on the same network.

    What it all comes down to is whether or not you travel rurally-cingular's gsm coverage is certainly not in all the little pockets of countryside around the state-but as long as you are usually close to major routes, its no problem-it's certainly no problem in any city here.

    I would also second your thoughts on getting the treo-it seems to be the best application out there right now, since it combines a TRUE phone (flip) and Palm PDA. Only wish the screen were higher resolution, but oh well.
    Respond if you have specific questions.
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    i have used my treo 270 in winston salem for about 90 days. I have traveled to clt, indy and nyc. works great. coverage is good in cities and heavily traveled roads. I really like it. the only gripe is the screen is terrible in bright sun.
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    Hey thanks. Really appreciate the responses. OK - sounds like I need to finally get one of these ! Hope y'all have a nice holiday season. I'll let ypou know how it goes.
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    I've been using my Treo 270 since June in the Triangle area. I live in Durham and haven't had any problems with coverage since Sept. It seems that Cingular did some major expansion into smaller markets like Wilson, Rocky Mount, Sanford, Burlington, Goldsboro, Asheboro, Roxboro, Henderson and others.

    I travel daily for work and sometimes when I'm inside buildings there's poor coverage in these smaller markets but outside, coverage is good almost everywhere.

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