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    What is Best, and easiest Photo Installer/Manager for T300???
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    I really like 'Album to Go' from Not only is it free, but it has some neat special effects.
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    This looks interesting, but it also looks like it has hooks attached. Is it really free, or does clubphoto take your mandatory registration information and sell it to spammers? That is usually the case when someone is willing to give you free software in return for your email address. They're looking to make money off of you, and they genarally don't care if you're the source of the funds or the commodity they're trading for them.
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    Although there are several packages that you can buy (Splash Photo, etc), that are supposed to be very good, there are two that are good that are completely free.

    The first one is Album to Go, which was mentioned in an earlier post. They do make you register, but I don't believe that they are selling your info to spam lists. They are simply trying to get you to use their photo publishing service, for people that have digital camaras, but want photo quality prints. ATG is a good program, but my main complaint is that when you register the application, the registration does not get backed up with the rest of the Palm when you hotsync. If you ever have to do a hard reset and restore your Palm (and I seem to every so many months), either due to some software glitch or because you ran your batteries down to the danger zone, the registration gets cleared. About two weeks after the event (when the trial period is over), when you are least expecting it, the program insists that you enter your registration info again. This is a pain in the but.

    The other is Handspring's own Photo Album, which is as good as ATG, but doesn't have that pesky registration problem. The only catch is that you have to run it on a Handspring device. Addiional added bonuses are that programs like TreoPictureCallerID use the Photo Album files, so you don't have to have double copies of your pictures stored.

    With two great apps like this floating around for free, why pay for a commercial one?
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    another vote for handspring photo album. free, simple, works. and as noted, its somewhat integrated. really easy to use.

    i'm sure there are programs that do more, but what a kick when i show off pictures of my kids on my treo instead of wallet album!
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    Been using it for about three years…haven't paid a dime yet! It's a good program. Started using on HS Prism and now on my TREO 300.
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    ditto for album to go. I love it.
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