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    Was curious as to when PDAPPS is gonna release Verichat to the public. Any ideas?
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    I can't speak for PDAapps but as a beta tester I can say that VeriChat is progressing nicely. We have received 4 updates in the last 2 days, one which now includes AIM compatibility. This will be a must app for Treo owners.
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    i agree... the betas are pretty solid now... except for the icq intergration... i would guess that as soon as they get icq to work and the pdaapps server all setup... the app will launch to the public. With as fast as they seem to be updating i would say no longer than a month from now ( that is just my guess )

    will be a must have! (and i have only had it for 2days!)

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    I want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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