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    When my Treo 270 gives me an alarm for an appointment comming up, and I know what the appointment is, I would like to be able to reach to my side and simply push the jog button to select 'OK' so that the alarm doesn't go off again (depending how I have my alarm intervals set).

    With the case I have (NutShell) and many other cases, you can't push the 'scroll-up' button without taking the Treo out of the case. Many of the cases expose the jog dial enough so you can push it without taking it out of the case.

    When I'm in a meeting I do not want to distract others by taking the Treo out of the case to push the 'scroll-up' button to stop the alarm from repeating. I like having my alarms repeat starting 15 mins ahead of the event, and repeating each 5 minutes, until I select 'OK' which stops the alarms from repeating.

    I've looked at various hacks, such as OKey and TreoButton but they don't have an option to select that darn 'Ok" button on the screen.

    An alternative to the jog button would be the power button. I'd be happy if that did the trick. That only turns off the display.

    Does anyone know of such a hack for this?

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    Did you try PowerJog? On many apps it automatically lets you select OK by pressing the Jog.

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    Yes, I tried PowerJog. It allows you to scroll through the buttons on a dialog. But that means I have to hit the jog "down" a few times before it lands on the "OK" button. I pretty much need to take the Treo out of the case to make sure I'm on the right button (the OK button).

    So that doesn't really do what I want. I just need a hack to enable the Jog Dial to "press" the "OK" button, just like the "Scroll-up" button does when there is a "OK" type dialog from the appointments alarm displayed.
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    The Okey hack does this just fine for me!
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    For me, the Okey hack only does this when the lid of the treo is open. Okey seems to only activate when the lid is open. Please tell me if your Okey can actually respond to the "OK" prompt of an appointment alarm, "while the lid is closed". Thanks.
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    Your right it doesn't appear that Okey works with the lid closed.
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    I too have wanted this for awhile for the same reasons. I did send an email to the developer of OKey, but haven't heard back from him.
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    Good idea. I will send a request to Okey and TreoButton too. Thanks for chiming in. Hopefully, the developers browsing this will give it some thought...

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