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    Lost my headset that came with Treo (which wasn't very comfi anyway). Looking for a replacement. Any (cheap) suggestions?

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    Look on eBay. Any made for the Nokia 3000/8000 should work. Do a search on this forum, this topic has been discussed many tiimes.
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    Try, choose "Standard 2.5mm Universal 4 pole". I've been using mine, and it works great.
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    nevermind -- ignore this.

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    Anything on plantronics site that has a model # ending in N1 will work. Not too many of those but there are a couple decent ones. I use the M175 which isn't compatible without the adapter that I purchased on the web. Now I can use any 3 pin headset, including the one I have always used that cost me $50 (M175).
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    Order one for the Nokia 8000 series. I did (after destroying my original), and received it within 3 days, it works great! It's quite similar to the original, and has the hang up button on it.

    Shipping was about $6, and is cheaper per additional item.
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    i lost mine and went to the sprint store and was given a brand new one for free (an original handspring-i think he had an extra one lying around).

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