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    Does anyone know the URL for mobile edition if you are not using avantgo. Is it even possible anymore?!?

    I really want to add it to my list of Likeable Links

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    It works fine on the phone but my handheld does not recognize the links...

    Can't we all just interoperate!! Does it work on Treo?

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    I'm also interested in this. The wap URL doesn't have nearly as many articles as the Avantgo version. I'd love to know the real URL that avantgo uses...
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    Here are your mobile options:

    Thanks for reading CNET
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    Wonder if wap browser would be usefull such as "WAPman Microbrowser for Handspring". Can't seem to find out how much memory it will use. However, until I fully explore what I can get to with Blazer, I'm not going to waste memory adding more browsers to the treo.

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