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    I had Eudora mail installed on my Palm the other day. I was able to send a message to a person whose e-mail address was located in my address book. Somehow I have disconnected the address book from my mail program so it doesn't "lookup" the email addresses. I think it started when I answered a popup question on my computer the other day inquiring whether I wanted Eudora mail to be my default mail. I thought it meant my Palm so I answered yes. I realize later that my computer internet browser was now switching to Eudora mail if I wanted to send a email from within. I found the way to switch back to Outlook but I think it disengaged the address book from the Eudora mail program on the Palm. Does anyone know how to reconnect them?
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    you could try going to the Internet Options in Internet explorer and clicking the Programs tab. Select Outlook as your default program for contacts.
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    I already did that for my computer. I had no problem switching back to Outlook. The problem is on my Treo, I can access my address book from the lookup function in the messages.
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    If you open the address book on your Treo, are all the expected e-mail addresses there? If so, then I don't have any more ideas.

    I was thinking that perhaps your address book had been deleted or overwritten on your Treo. If this was the case, you could try doing a desktop overwrites handheld sync for the Outlook Contacts conduit.
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    Yes, my address book is perfectly intact. For some reason that I know I'm probably responsible for I managed to disconnect the Eudura mail becuase at one time it was working the way it was intended to work.
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    Have you tried deleting Eudora from your Treo and then re-installing?

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