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    This may sound pretty basic, but how do you DELETE the next space... like the DEL key on a computer?

    I know you can use the backspace to go back, but if you want to delete the NEXT character, is there a way to do it?


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    There is a keyboard only solution, so you don't have to try and point to the spot in front of the next char so that you can hit the backspace button.

    If you hold the little blue "alt" button down, while hitting the down button, it will advance your cursor to the right. (alternatively, hitting the "alt" button while hitting the up button will move the cursor to the left). Once the cursor is in the desired location, you can hit the backspace button. I know, three keystrokes instead of one, but at least you don't need the stylus.
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    Actually... that keyboard tip is quite helpful. Thanks!

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