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    Why does my CACHE get to full on the TREO 300?
    I go to ESPN a lot and check different Sports scores a lot. I notice I have to clear the CACHE way to much.
    Is there a solution for this?

    Or is this normal?
    Or do I need a better Browser than Blazer?
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    Why do you have to clear the cache?

    Cache is supposed to get full, but the it auto deletes the oldest stuff to make room for new stuff - that is how it works.

    Are you clearing the cache so you can see the latest score on a page instead of the cached version? If so, use the reload command instead...

    I guess I'm not following the question very well.
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    The cache in some cases isn't checking to see if the online version is newer than the cached version, and it's displaying the old version. The solution would be to set the cache to Zero if having to refresh becomes a pain.
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    The cache doesn't check with the site to see if the page is updated or not on a mobile browser. It relies on the expiration date of the page (meta tag).

    This is a good thing I think.
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    whereh do you find cache? it is a pain to find that yiur booked mark weather page gives yiu yesterdays weather.

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    In Blazer it is in Preferences > Advanced

    but I think it is better to hit refresh on the pages you want to refresh than to always require Blazer to connect and get a new page... back and forward buttons will sometimes require you to connect to show the previous/next page as well.

    The pages should set their tags properly. Blazer respects page expiration tags.
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    Go to Blazr preferences you'll see it.
    As for the cache just except that you have to hit menu-r whenever you go to a weather/news site. It is to protwct you from extra charges.
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