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    Got this unsolicited, slightly disturbing, email this morning:


    I saw your email about TreoPictureCallerID... You think you could help me out and give me the License Code #??? It would be much appreciated.


    First off I don't use TreoPictureCallerID, I use Ringo - but I wouldn't send Jon the license code for that either. Come on man, you paid how much for your phone? Pony up a couple of dollars for the apps you want / need.

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    don't be such a jew. give hime the code.
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    Originally posted by elcidroyale
    don't be such a jew. give hime the code.
    I think that's an uncalled for comment!!!!!
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    First of all, let me be the first to slap your hand for the anti-semetic remark. When there are so many other descriptive terms that you could have used to convey the message, why did you have to use one that insults some of the readers in this public forum.

    Second of all, if you had read his message, he doesn't even have a copy of the software license to send him in the first place.

    Third, it would be one thing if he were asking for a copy of Windows or MS Office, for I am pretty sure that Microsoft wouldn't hurt too badly if a somebody pirated their software, but PDAapps is a small company, catering to a small customer base (Treo Owners, dammit) and ever $20 counts. If we want them to continue to supply great software such as Verichat and Treo300SMS, and PictureID, we had better all pay for it! If you can drop anywhere between $300 and $500 for a cell phone, you are not too broke to spend $20 on a piece of software! PDAapps has been instramental in overcomming the shortcommings of the Treo, and I think that we all owe them a debt of gratitude. They don't deserve to be ripped off.

    Forth, I think that the original posting was not rage against piracy, but in using this this forum as a spam list for any reader that doesn't want to shell out a couple of bucks for a piece of software. There are other forums for that. Go to, or newsgroups like alt.binaries.warez.palmpilot. this ain't the place for it.

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    i would also like to say that the anti-semitic remark was uncalled for. i will leave it at that although the temptation is to add more...
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    For anyone offended by elcidroyale's post, consider the source:

    This is the same person that spammed this forum with his infamous "Need Money To Buy Treo" post.

    He makes inane comments and spams the same forum that he relies on for help.
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    The guy is a little dweeb. Disregard him. As for the pirated software ... there is always gonna be somebody who is looking to get something for nothing. Disregard that too. I think PDAapps are just about my favorite software developer(s) and I would be happy to buy ANYTHING they come up with...

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    Software piracy is ok against the big guys but not the little guys? I'm not sure, I'll be sure to consult, but I think that's hypocrisy. Fair-Weather-Anti-Piracy is still piracy, like it or not, no piracy is better than any other piracy. The author of the software doesn't change it's copyright and property protection.

    But on to my more pressing point, software piracy is in fact a victimless crime. There's no inventory lost, no investment stolen, be it microsoft, or markspace, the author is still going to make money off those who want the benefits of paying for it. The reality is that people who pirate software wouldn't pay for it anyway, so *****ing about them (or crucifying them) won't change your bottom line.

    Now some programmers in their garages who write software will say "I need food, I wrote software, You use it, pay up." No one asked you to write it, make it available publicly, or go hungry, and this IS America... be thankful that you're free to write programs, call it shareware, and starve when no one pays. We let people starve in this country on the streets every day (half of whom are children) and we should be equally content to let programmers starve too. I know I am.
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    Wow piracy and hate speech in the same post... Closing time.

    We do not allow any piracy/warez on treocentral. We like to support treo developers. Also, personal attacks will never be accepted!
    -Michael Ducker
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