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    Does anyone know of a source for TRUE polyphonic ringtones?

    Let me say up front that I am not (neccessarily) interested in songs, but, for example, I am looking for ringtones that SOUND polyphonic, such as the arabesque, chimes, or waterfall that come with the Treo.

    Anyone know where they can be found?
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    There are several long threads about this and about making your own poly ring tones (it is quite easy). Do a search of the forum. You will find all kinds of information.
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    I've gone through most (all) of the threads. I am not interested in making my own ringtones, instead, I am looking for ringtones that were already made, and, as I tried to imply, of somewhat better quality than what I have found.
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    Outside of the poly ringtones listed here which I am sure you have already found (rather poor implementation, IMO), I haven't found any other poly tones for the Treo 300. I think that is why most users (including myself) are making their own.
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    the above link (the 'here') one points to they sound neat as songs but are almost all too long to use as ringtones.

    here is a link to the ones i made. they will be updated later tonight or tomorrow. i recommend installing ringo to use them. once you install ringo, just sync the pdb files in this zip file onto your treo and they will show up on ringo's list. you can do this with the free trial version of ringo and then decide whether you want to pay for it (ringo, that is, my tones are free)

    they are PARTS of songs, not whole songs, and many folks have been able to find at least one or two that they liked. they are also louder than palmgsm ones, especially johnny b good, and a couple of others. i made them for my personal enjoyment but why not share?
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