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    just thought i would report in on the battery backup i bought for the treo from ebay

    (i got it here from user peakcloudy. not trying to advertise for them but want to make it clear which unit i am reporting on)

    i filled the unit with 4 'generic' alkaline AA's. my treo was at 69% charge according to megalauncher. half hour later, it was at 100%. i checked the charge of the AA's and they still read well into the 'good' range.

    of course, with usb sync/charger, a/c adapter, and car cord, this is of limited usefulness, but i can definitely see myself throwing it into my hip pack when we are out for the day, like on vacation at disney world or something.

    for $8 a very useful thing.
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    Can you report on whether it now holds the charge? My results are like yours but the charge dod not hold (I know this does not make sense but...)

    Also what happens when you try to use the phone, discharged, but with adapter plugged in?
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    i just checked, have been carrying the phone around another 7 hours, made one short call, still at 100%. i don't let my treo go anywhere near a low charge so won't be trying the other one.

    like i said, i see this as having limited usefulness anyway, but for those times when its appropriate, think it will be very handy. even walking around someplace like disney or most tourist sites, you could still pick up replacement AA batteries...
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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    Maybe mine is defective or the batteries are not good.
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    While the battery in the Treo 300 lasts as much as I would expect it to, it certainly can not compete with the much longer lasting phones out there. The features of the 300 just could not be ignored, however. Seeing that the battery was about the only real problem, I too purchased a battery backup from peakcloudy. The more I use it the more convinced I am that it was a good decision. Now, even if I am no where near a place I can get a charge, I still am able to, even while it's in my pocket. And no, I have no relationship to peakcloudy. Just a happy camper.

    So, now even the battery issue is a non-issue. Small case makes it easy to carry too.

    Oh, almost forgot. I use 1850mah Nickle Metal Hydrite (did I spell that right?) AA batteries. Works great. I get about 4 charges from a full charge of AA batteries.

    Hope this helps.
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    That is interesting. I thought thelower voltage of the NiMH would prevent then from working.
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    i think the 1850 MAH NiMH are the 'high capacity' ones which would explain why they work when you thought they would not. for my purposes, the alkalines are better because they will sit there holding a charge longer, and i don't expect to need this on a regular basis. i use NiMH rechargeables for my cordless mouse, which uses them up about every 2 weeks.
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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    I bought the Seidio 9v battery charger accessory and am pretty happy with it. It charges the Treos battery or provides an extension of your battery life. I have not figured out how many charges you get but it seems like at least 2 from a Duracell. The only downside I see is that the LED remains on when the 9v is connected which burns power until you detach it. i.e. You have to detach the battery when you are not using the charger.

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