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    I'm not sure I'm clear on the concept of wireless email. Since my Treo 300 can access the internet without the help of my desktop computer, can't I get email without involving my pc? Basically, I have two questions. First, can I use my Treo to send and receive email directly without syncing with my pc? If I must sync with the pc, can I use the Treo to access only designated email accounts? I tried to use the basic email software that came with the Treo but ended up downloading all the messages in the Outlook inbox (I have four accounts set up, I only want one to go to the Treo). Thanks to anyone who can help.
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    There are quite a few e-mail apps that run just like a desktop e-mail client. The Treo connects to the mail server and downloads the mail.

    Do a search on here for more info. One good program is SnapperMail, still in beta and a little expensive IMO. Or there is Eudora, which is free.

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