I currently use yahoo.com to keep track of contacts, calendar, etc. I am easily able to sync my treo 300 w/ yahoo (via my pc only when it is connected). I cannot sync my local PIM (on my pc - that came w/ the phone) directly to Yahoo. Thus, to get my pc, pda, and server copy all synced, I need to connect my pda to the pc w/ the usb cable (or IR) while the pc is online and hit sync (this syncs the pda and server copy (NOT the pc copy)). I then need to delete what is in the local PIM (pc copy) and do an export from the server and import to my local PIM.

I would like to be able to do two things that I currently can't:

1) sync up to a server (i.e. the Yahoo PIM app) directly from my treo 300 by wirelessly dialing into the server (Yahoo does not have this capability).

2) have all three (my pc, pda, and server) synchronized at once w/o too much effort.

Is there any app or provider that would enable me to do this? Ideally, I could sync to a server app wirelessly, and then when my pc is online, it can sync w/ the server app. causing all three to be synched.