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    Do you have to have a certain program to send information to an ir printer?
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    best one IMHO is instep print's software. Bachmann software also makes one, but instep is much more advanced, better UI etc..
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    I did read on this board that someone just pointed their Treo to an IR printer and beamed the document or contact. That printed the item, although the font apparently was fairly lame.
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    I di a contact frim treo w/o any software. Doc to Go does not have the same compatibility. I think you need printboy
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    I Agree, InStep Print is the best.

    I have the following: InStep Print, PrintBoy Deluxe, PalmPrint w/ Plug In Pack

    (and I also have IrPrint that came bundled w/ Sipix)

    Out of all these, they all have their Pros and Cons, but InStep is the best Overall. Its a real pain because certain print apps support certain 3rd party apps and printers.

    I quite can't get one print app that supports all my 3rd Party apps.

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