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    The poll on the home page confirms an interest in an external keyboard for the Treo. I saw an ad last night while at B&N, in the new (#5.6) issue of HandheldComputing; got excited, until I checked the product home page. For those who might jump before researching, I wanted to post this alert.

    The Wireless Link Universal keyboard (Micro Innovations) looks similar to the Stowaway, except it folds over in half, rather than the Stowaway's tri-fold. Once folded, it appears to be pocket-friendly.The Wireless Link also has some sort of doohickey, to hold the PDA, as opposed to "connecting" it via a port or the like. A quick check on pricing indicates a list price of about $120, with the average price appearing to hover around the $80 mark. There are two models-- one for Palms, the other for pocketPCs. The ad suggests it will work with "Handspring" PDAs, and any PalmOS PDA. But, the home page lists the Treo as NOT compatible. The pictures suggests that the keyboard and PDA "talk" via reflected infrared, per a mirror.

    The product home page says a driver IS available, and reliable use HAS been reported. But a problem with rotating the screen causes problems for Treo users.

    User Comment (12/12 Accessories Forum here)

    Product Compatibility Page

    Product Picture Page (showing the mirror involved)

    My google search link for more info:
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    I've had one for about a month. Threw away the stand.
    I rotate the screen and lean my Treo (upside down) and place the Treo in front of it.

    It seems to work just fine. The only problem I have is that I have to turn Afterburner off before using.
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    Thank you *very* much. That's the precise sort of feedback I wanted. One quick Q though-- what"s "the stand" to which you refer?? Are you talking about the, uh, sit-it-down-on-this mechanism, which appears to be built into the device? If I follow you, you seem to be saying that one could just prop the Treo up against something else, for use during external keyboard action, and (forgetting the rotation business) all will be well?

    Thanks again. And happy holidays to ya.
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    Hi Webster,

    I was referring to the stand that comes with the keyboard that you are supposed to sit the handheld on. It's more of a prop-up stand that includes a mirror-type thing that is supposed to re-direct the beam from the handheld to the keyboard. There's also a device that slides into the penslot of a PalmV and connects to the keyboard (giving me the impression that they thought this was really going to take of to the PalmV users).

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    Kewl! Thanks David. Now, lemme run and drop a serious hint or two for hubby!
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    The mirror should work with the keyboard on the Treo 90 with the cover closed or removed.
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    Yea, I guess it might. What I found is that the darn thing was too cumbersom to mess with -- getting the correct angle, etc. That's why I threw the thing out and just went inverse on it.

    I also didn't want to keep removing and replacing the flip cover.

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