Well, a persistent problem with my 300 finally drove me over the edge, and I had to get it swapped out. Here's the problem, in case anyone ever runs into it:

Periodically, for no apparent reason, the screen refuses to acknowledge taps. Sometimes, the keyboard will also not respond. Also, sometimes beeps are heard, as if invalid keys are being pressed. Pressing the menu button would sometimes bring up a menu which would then vanish, as if a key was being pressed.

I tried hard resets, warm resets, disabling hacks, hard resetting and not reinstalling software for a while; nothing seemed to help.

I took it a month or so ago to the local SPCS store, where the tech (who never came out to talk to me) mererly did a hard reset and sent me on my way. That, believe it or not, took 30-40 mins.

What finally broke the camel's back and got me to pursue a return was that a yellow patch suddenly appeared on the screen.

I called the same store and told them that I wanted a new unit. I was told that I could only have one mailed to me. That is a problem since I am on the road 90% of the time, including for the next few weeks. Receving no help there, I called SPCS customer service, who called a few stores to see if one might have a unit they could swap me for. Finally, we hit pay dirt, a store with a unit. I went there, and in 10 mins walked out with what appears to be a refurb unit.

The moral of the story is that it appears that excellent customer service from Sprint is there -- IF you can find it. I plan to write a letter to the managers of both stores and tell them how I feel.

- Joe