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    I have a Treo 300 and absolutely love it. Best electronic device I have ever purchased. The black part of the antenna appears to be a little loose. If I push down and turn it a little it tightens up some, but eventually gets a little loose again. Does anyone else have this problem? Serious or not?
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    It is not a good idea to remove the antenna on any wireless device when powered on (in wireless mode). Keep it tight.
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    had the same problem. i took it apart and found out it couldn't be tightened. i returned it under warranty for a new one.
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    Had you abused the antenna in any way? I've noticed it contacts my belly while driving and it's in a brookstone case on my belt on the left side. The 6035 didn't do that, but it was narrower. Before I got the case I had the treo in my front left pocket, but feared it would fall out. Perhaps I should just remove the case from my belt and set the phone on the bench seat when driving.

    Did you try superglue'ing the antenna tight?
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    I would not say it is extremely loose. I also have not actually removed the black plastic cap of the antenna. It is still under warranty so I will watch it to see if it gets worse.

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