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    Is there a SprintPCS website set up for mobile devices like the Treo? I tried the link from Treo Dave-o's list of mobile sites, but the link is broken.

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    In Blazer, browse to kwd://sprintpcs2. The "kwd:" designator does not work in other browsers. I have no idea what the HTTP url for this page is.
    Peter Campbell *
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    the address does nothing
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    When I access kwd://sprintpcs2, I get the Handspring Mobile Sites page, not SprintPCS. Any other suggestions?

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    "kwd:sprintpcs2" is the default home page for Blazer on the Treo. I've been unable to get from Sprint or any forum a URL that actually works for Sprint specific content, such as minutes in the plan or SMS outgoing messages. It seems ridiculous, since I upgraded to the Treo from a Sprint Touchpoint 3000 with Wireless web and there was a WAP page attached to my account that had all of that.

    Every Sprint page I've tried to access requires Javascript, and not even very generic Javascript. They don't work with Xino on my Treo, and they don't work with Moozilla on my PC. I have to load Internet Explorer to accomplish certain tasks on their site.

    I've asked Sprint tech support this question three times via the "email tech support" link on the web page. The first time they told me to call and ask the voice support, who were clueless. The second and third times they didn't reply to my emails. I might possibly have pissed them off when I suggested that a tech support arm of a telecommunications company in 2002 that does nothing but refer people's simple questions to another division would be first in the layoff list if I were in charge... ;-)
    Peter Campbell *
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    I too have updated from a samsung wireless web phone to the treo300 only to find this out as well . This treo doesnt even do the simple task of accessing my broker that my wireless web phone could do. I dont even bother with sprint support its ridiculous. Looking for answers here. Good luck.

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    Have you tried this one?

    This is a portal which allows you to get to other sites. It does not enable you to get into your "manage account" website. As far as I know there is no pda accessible site for that function yet. It is a pain but we will have to be patient and wait for Sprint to figure out a way to let us do this.
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    any way we cen get on the wap site?
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    I had the same question. I spent 42 mins on the phone, was transferred 4 times, before "Jim" in Tier 2 Web Support told me that the Manage web site is incompatible with the Blazer web browser. Then, he nicely recommended EudoraWeb, but acknowledged it wouldn't work either.

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