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    I am about to buy a 300, however, I am a hotmail user and my wife is a college faculty member (using their own, internal system). Can anyone help me understand if and/or how to retrieve our email from these accounts w/ the TREO?
    I have asked my Sprint reps, however, they seem to know less than I do (which, as you can tell, is not too much).
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    Go over to the communications software forum within Treocental. There are plenty of people and a lot of information that will help you. There have also been some very good reviews written about e-mail clients on the Treocentral home page.

    Oh, here is also a good thread

    If your need is hotmail, you might want to check out 2bAnywhere located here.
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    search for hotmail and one of the threads will tell youhow to set up to check your hotmail. I do it
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    This is a nice mobile friendly entry point to Hotmail which I use on my desktop PC too as it avoids all the annoying ads in HotMail.

    GopherKing does Hotmail very well also via Blazer but there is a charge for annual use (well worth it for its multiple non-conformist account access features including AOL Mail).

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