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    I think this question is specific to the 300. I recently downloaded the karma sutra from and must admit I was quite dissapointed. The images were either drawings or cartoons. I had downloaded a karma sutra on my ipaq (prior to breaking) and they were real photographs (or they were close enough that they had me fooled). So my question is how do you deleted programs on the Palm OS? I'm a newbie and can not figure it out. I also did a search on this site and could not find what I needed.

    Thanx in advance for any help.
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    Sorry for the false alarm. I got it figured out. You have to understand that I've been a pocket PC owner for 3 years and have only had a Palm for 3 weeks. I was expecting the delete process to be MUCH more complicated (based on PPC OS).
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    Can you enlighten us other newbies as to what you figured out is the solution?

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    lynx, no problem. For the Treo 300, it was real simple. Go to the main launcher screen and tap in the upper left hand corner (area where time is displayed against blue background). Select "Delete" under the "App" menu. This will bring a list of all Programs. Simply highlight the one you wish to delete and select "Delete" at the bottom of the screen.

    I think you have to delete one at a time. Apparently the karma sutra program loads two files. I tried to highlight both and delete but it did not work. Simply select one, delete, then select the next.

    Hope this helps. If you're a newbie, this site will be a great source of information for you. The Treo 300 is a GREAT phone. I keep trying to find reasons to send it back since there a few new phones on the horizon (have 30 days to return with Sprint), but I love it to much. Congrats and good luck.

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