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    I set SnapperMail to periodicly check my mail every half hour. When a new message is received SnapperMail will display a notification of the new message as advertised. The problem I am having is it does not reset as to how many new messages I have.

    For example let's say I first received five new messages. I get the notification and hit OK and read them. The next time it checks my messages I receive one new message the notification will tell me I received six. Half hour later I receive two more and it will tell me I have eight.

    Any one else having this problem?

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    Yes, everyone is having this problem Go over to the SnapperMail forum on Yahoo. That's where the support is. Here
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    i went over to yahoo and couldn't find much more than acknowledgment... anyone know if there's a fix yet? It seems like it might be easy to fix.
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    Nope. Probably in the next beta release.

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