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    Fired up the BDCS connection this AM before leaving for the airport. Notified that there was an update that deactivated the system until installed. Went ahead with the update though it made me nervous to do so as I will need the ability to get my eamil while travelling. So far it appears to be working. Here's to the hope that they didn't screw anything up with the update.

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    Does anybody know if there's anything new in the update. The only thing I noticed is now when you look up a contacts, rather than having 3 tabs appearing, you now get a drop down box and you have to select one. More clicking as far as I'm concerned.
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    Originally posted by tnguyenmdc
    Does anybody know if there's anything new in the update. The only thing I noticed is now when you look up a contacts, rather than having 3 tabs appearing, you now get a drop down box and you have to select one. More clicking as far as I'm concerned.
    Yea, but now you can hit the ENTER button when you are on a To CC or BCC line and it goes to the add screens... before there was no way to do this except using the stylus or finger to press the word TO.... the only thing you needed the stylus for.. enter used to bring it to the next line.. so thats a plus!
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    Also there are pop ups when you add recipients and things..

    And ANOTHER GOOD FEATURE.... Finally a CANCEL button when it goes to sync messages!

    A good thing also.. I almost threw my TREO Out the window yesterday because for some unknow reason it decided to resync every message (maybe had to do with the new BC software upgrades on Sprints end) and I had a flat and couldnt make a call!!
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    I just did the upgrade (we had no choice) and my Treo is no longer receiving push messages. I get the tone that a message has been received, but no auto-synch. Sprint says that I am not the first caller with this problem. Any solutions??
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    Also, doing it the way they have it with the dropdown lists, your recent email send to people are listed on one list...

    So it is really LESS clicking because you do not have to go from the 3 contacts tabs to include people in an email send.
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    You now also get a prompt when you delete a message.
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    I get the same thing!

    I get the bing bing but no messages pushed!!!!!

    I am trying a re register now to see if that fixes it!

    And the confirmation to delete messages can be turned on and off in Application Options!

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    I had the same problem with getting the SMS alert after a new e-mail has hit my desktop, but no pull to the Treo. I then remembered that every time I have upgraded the BC client on the Treo I have had to re-register the device from the phone end. This fixes it.

    I like the large buttons at the bottom of the Treo BC app. It makes if easier on my fumble fingers!

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    I spent time on the phone with Sprint and tried resetting, changing my alerts, soft resets, and resetting my mailbox. Nothing works. Ideas?
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    i was forced to upgrade this morning as well, and all I get is an invalid login message, so I can't even start the program. 100% sure password is right i haven't changed it or anything. Thanks Sprint!
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    Biz con had been funky for the last few days. I came into work and was alerted that I must upgrade to a new version. the installation was giving me a message that the program was still running and to delete from windows. I did this and tried to reinstall. i got the same message with additional instructions to do a clean and install. I removed the program from windows in the control program as well as the palm client. I then went to search and looked for all files with sprint and deleted all that it would allow. One could not be deleted.I also removed the program from the treo and reinstalled the new Biz Con program. All worked well it then prompted me to disable the wireless connection for the treo and walked through palm setup. after hot sync and new key generation all works well
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    Looks like mine is not getting messages pushed down to it either. I tried re-registering the device, no luck.
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    Downloaded client and palm software, installed, and could no longer connect to network. Re-registration results in "registration failure, check username/pass." Do I need to reset these from the pcsvision website?
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    I haven't had a problem connecting...etc.

    One thing I noticed is that now the keyboard backlight comes on whenever you switch to BC. Before you had to switch it on...I know, kind of minor adjustment, but nice nontheless.

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    d80god, I had the same problem. I uninstalled the software on my desktop and then re-installed and it fixed the problem.
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    I had the problem where I got "bing bing" and no sync until I changed the sync schedule prefs so that I checked BOTH "push messages to my device" AND "Enable schedule sync" with "Smart power sync" checked on the sub-menu. The previous version I only checked "Push messages..." to get the push sync.

    Seems to work great so far...
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    So you are actually getting your messages pushed? I have tried everything people have suggested here, and no luck, but I am not even getting the sound from the incoming sms. Seems like BC isn't even trying to push the e-mail to me...

    Man, i hope they can fix this... its really the only reason I wanted BC.
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    Yup - so far it has pushed every time. However, I was always getting the sound from the sms...

    Also, if you don't want it to auto-sync (which drives me crazy), make sure you set the "Use custom sync settings" sub-menus to "never" on both weekdays and weekends - that seems to keep it from auto-syncing.
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    I contacted someone at Sprint HQ and they've opened a trouble ticket on this problem.

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