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    I have read around a bit and I haven't seen anyone else mention this problem. I can run my Treo300 for two days at a time without charging, using e-mail and web-browsing pretty heavily (anytime i want to). But if I use AIM, and I leave it connected and turn my device off, my battery will run down to nothing in about 30 minutes.

    Signing off AIM fixes this and my battery will last all day. I am not sure, but I think it only runs the battery down real bad when I have the treo turned off... when I turn it back on again it seems to recover some battery life.

    What I want to know, is: Does anybody leave AIM connected ALWAYS? Does anyone have the same problem I do?

    This is why I am so desperate for Verichat.... I need always on instant messaging.
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    I need always on instant messaging.
    This is my biggest complaint with Sprint's supposed Always on connection. T-Mobile can do it with AOL Instant messanger, but Sprints network apparently is not "Always on" as they would like us to believe.
    My Treo does the same thing, and if I did not have unlimited internet I would have switched to a Treo 270 and T-Mobile by now. Not to mention the stupid SMS issues, but that's a different topic.
    How can we have a PDA with a "Always On" Connection and not be able to talk to people with there "Always On" Conenction?
    Ok, I'm done with the "Always On"
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    Good to hear I am not alone in the battery issue. I have a feeling that verichat is going to solve this problem, in addition to the non-push IM problem. It seems that if developers are willing to make their programs use a little SMS work around, that we can simulate what T-mobile does on the Sidekick. I am really impressed with how Bizcon works... it also looks like that guy devloping Notifymail has the same idea in mind. Send a sms prompt to the program when a new IM/e-mail arrives, and boom. Push.

    Anyone else with the battery issues? Anyone else that can veryify that they do NOT have this issue?
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    The problem, from what I've heard, is that Handspring has not released the SMS SDK for the Treo 300 yet. Those who have it now (the beta SDK) are special in some way.

    SMS is definitely the way to go though. Even though verichat has online and offline, I prefer just doing quick replies via their custom SMS dialog. They should really just make the dialog the whole app, with a chat window & all, and after each response make it go away. Hrm, I'll have to suggest that.
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    SMS SDK? Is that Handspring's version of Treo300SMS?
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    Most (PC) IM clients send packets to the server all the time in order to monitor the status of your contacts as well as to keep you signed in. The Palm AIM client is probably doing the same. And since heavy data useage is like being in a phone call it drains your battery quickly.

    I hope that PDAapps has considered this in the design of Verichat to keep battery life to a premium.
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    It's the server that sends packets to the client updating buddy list status, not the other way around. Only a really stupid client would spend more than 5-10% of its time using the data connection.
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    Originally posted by I Know Nothing
    SMS SDK? Is that Handspring's version of Treo300SMS?
    I don't think it has send ability. The SMS SDK for the Treo 300 that I'm referring to, is so that you can write programs which respond to incoming SMS and make custom alerts and/or perform other programmatic actions. The GSM versions have always had this, everything from the visorphone on up.

    For the Treo 300 it exists, as you can see by several programs on the market which use it, but it is in beta and not available for public download on Handspring's site.
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    You're right, MBlank. My bad. I must have been thinking of something else. None the less, I still get the impression that the Palm AIM client isn't designed for battery efficiency.
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    Some clients and servers are very chatty, which is just fine if you've got a dedicated connection and a power cord.

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