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    I read that you have to hit a button on the treo to make it goto "wireless Data" mode where you can do stuff on the net. what is the deal with that and while in this 3g data mode can you recieve phone calls?? t-mobile sidekick can be on the net and get calls at the same time althoug hits GSM. or does the treo connect to the net like the wireless web was with 2.5g 14.4k/s connections and now with my sanyo 4900 it connects to the net. does the treo connect like that?
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    The Treo 300 connects just like your Sanyo 4900 (I have one of those too) meaning the Vision (3G) connection is always on. There are no specific buttons to enable this function other than the button on the Treo that allow you to turn off the connection so that you can use the device as a PDA on a airplane.
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    The data connection stays open for hours at a time, sometimes all day. You can still receive calls EXCEPT for the time you are actually transmitting or receiving data; if calls come in while data is being communicated they go straight to voicemail.

    So for example if the data connection is on and you're using the date book, your call comes through; but if you're in the browser downloading a web page when someone calls, the call goes to voicemail.

    I believe this is different from GPRS, which I've heard can transmit data and receive calls simultaneously.
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    And just to clarify, you can have a browser open, be reading a page, and still receive a phone call just fine. Only if an application (e.g. a browser) is actually transmitting or receiving data at the same moment the call comes in will the call be sent to voicemail.

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