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    I just downloaded SnapperMail 1.4b

    No inexpilably my palm just turns on.

    Orginally I figured it must be the periodic email checks. So I switched the time between checks to 2 hours.

    However, my plam is still turning on like every 15mins or so.

    Is this niormal.

    By the way, it doesn't appear to be logging on to sprint or anything. It just turns on in the last used app.
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    I saw this as well... it stopped when I turned off the automatic retrieval and went back to manual.
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    OK I was wondering what was going on... I was going to delete every hack I had because I thought that was the conflict... Does PDAapps know about this?
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    It's actually Snapperfish, not PDAapps. There is a Yahoo support group that discusses things like this:
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    I hate to sound selfish but there is no way I can handle a 600 post a month listserve.

    If anyone finds out anything can they post it back here.

    Thank You
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    Here is a link to my posting on the Snappermail list on this topic:

    In a nutshell - You may have to do a soft reset and/or turn wireless mode off and back on but periodic fetch works pretty much as advertised.
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    this happens to me whenever i'm in an area with so-so coverage. i guess it switches on and off while going in & out of signal. next time it happens note the signal bars...

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