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    I had to delete AIM from my treo due to a loop fatal error. Now I want to reinstall and can no longer find the free version of the app.

    Is it no longer available for free? I thought it came free with the Treo?
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    You can, of course, use AIM from your SMS functions...or you can download this if you want an aim client that actually looks like aim.
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    If The 1.1 version causes Fatal error try a soft reset (up button when resetting) removing AIM and then regular reset, this avoids having to hard reset. Try the U.K. 1.0 version I have had no fatals since I switched from the 1.1 to the U.K. 1.0. although I have heard from some that the still get errors. I wish I knew what the cause was but it seems to be found on kyocera palm units with AIM also
    And Novatel Minstrels
    also seems to affect AIM 3.0 ?

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