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    I've have Sprint BC (Business Connection) and have the settings set to no scheduled sync or push. I just synch the Treo occassionally throughout the day. Anyway, I've notcied lately that if the Treo isn't connected to Vision, the BC client will not automatically connect and I eventually end up with a connection error. I have to hit Blazer or something and connect then switch back.

    I cannot locate an option in the settings menu to tell the ap to connect if not already connected. I don't remember having this problem before and seem to remember BC automatically connecting.

    Any suggestions???...its frustrating to have to wait for the connection time out..etc...

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    I would hazard a guess that the issues that so many folks are having lately with maintaining a solid, always-on data connection COULD be what's causing your problems.

    I used BC back when the data connection was more stable, and didn't experience what you're having, and now it seems that many of my data-based apps have problems if the data connection isn't there.

    My point? I think BC might not be able to recognize if the data cnxn isn't there, and if it's not, it can't deal with that condition reliably. To me, that fact that you have to establish the data cnxn via another app, and then go back to BC makes my supposition correct. As far as a solution, well - that's a whole other matter.

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