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    Here's a suggestion for someone with the jabra bluetooth headset to try. I have not attempted to take apart my treo yet but the pics on this thread make it look like there could possibly be enough room with the plastic housing of the jabra removed to put the innards next to the aircard slot in the treo.
    Thread showing the inside of the treo
    What do you think? Anyone had big enough brass ones to try it? I would if the headset and treo were not so expensive.
    Good luck!
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    Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing about 4 days ago. One problem.....I believe the ear-wrap gets charged from the little cradle thing. So if the innards of the cradle thing were inside the treo, you couldn't charge it.
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    .....I believe the ear-wrap gets charged from the little cradle thing.
    I had wondered about charging the headset also, but I believe you could probably order a spare headset charger for it. The standard blue tooth headset for phones with blue tooth has the same charger sans transmitter in the charger. Scoring one of those would solve the charging dilemma.
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    That was a good point. But what about charging the transmitter? As it needs charging too.

    I wish I could afford that thing, I would definately be taking things apart to play.
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    Had not thought about the transmitter at all. That would require modifying the Treo to have a plug in the back or side to connect the charger to it. Probably a lot more work that people are going to want to do. Unless it's easy to do. Maybe replace the built in headphone jack with the charger plug on the transmitter. Again, it all comes back to money. These are both pretty expensive to be cutting up. Maybe if I get a headset for Christmas I'll pull it apart (If it can be put back together easily) and see if it's even possible.
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    Man, we are thinking along the same lines. I had trouble sleeping this afternoon (night shift) thinking about it. I had my Treo open yesterday, so I am a little familiar, but you could some how wire-in the bluetooth transmitter to the head-set jack, and then like you say, wire-in the charger cable to where the headset jack was.

    Maybe after the warranty is up

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