Folks, what have you done to best implement Eudora/Pop 3 email with outgoing mail servers?

For example, Rogers/Sprint/etc could provide you a SMTP outgoing server.

You could also use your own SMTP server if you allow relay. But if you allow open relay then anyone (spammers) could start using your server.. so you have to close it off and only allow certain networks in.

What if you roam networks? If you roam from Sprint in the US to Rogers/At&T in Canada, the above might not work:

a) Your Rogers/Sprint outgoing SMTP server might not allow relay as you might be coming from a different network

b) Your own SMTP server needs to know the addresses of the new network in order that relay is allowed

Roaming also means if you roam to a different network in europe for example..

SO basically, what is the best strategy to implement a pop 3 (eudora, etc) solution? This assumes you do not use a service such as Treomail or Basejet.