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    Feel kind of dumb but has anyone had this symptom: Preferences -> ringer volume is set to Loud. The acutal ringer volume is loud when tested and when phone rings. However, when I assign special ringer to speed dial button (check Enable unique ring), the volume of this is much lower (1/3rd as loud subjectively) when tested or when this phone calls my phone and plays the special ringer. I am using the polyphonic tones buiilt into Treo 300 and have never installed any ringer software. Anyone have any ideas about why user-tones/ringers are played back softer?

    Thanks ahead of time.
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    many people have talked about this topic. do a search for ringers. I have found that the ringer that came with the treo can't be heard in real world situations (in a store) but there a a number of third party ringer fix this problem
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    Just a thought but when you have someone call you to test their unique ringer, is your flip closed? HS designed the ringers to be softer when the flip is open the logic being you are currently operating other functions.

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