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    Stupid Newbie question:

    How do I use the Treo300 wireless modem to dail into a corporate dialup account to retrieve email from behind a firewall. The Network prefs seem to only be for packet data networks, but hotsync seems to support wireless modem to phone modem. I'm trying to use Eudora for this currently and it access the Spring network only from which I can't tunnel into our coporate servers. I know there's something called PCS Business Connection but I thought this would be simpler before trying to get our corporate IT folks to support PCS.

    Many thanks.
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    Any help from the board on Ivo's question?

    I have the same issue. I want to access the corporate web by using the Treo to dial into one of our dialup numbers and using a direct modem to modem connection. From this connection I can check email through Eudora and see basic "behind the firewall" stuff.

    Please Help.
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    I have the same issue. I need a vpn program and there isn't one I know of that will get me in.

    I set up a rule to forward certain emails to either my sprint mailbox or to yahoo. the nice thing about yahoo, is it lets you view the attachments.

    both services can send you an sms or you can add the sms address to your corporate rule.

    really very effective...

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