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    The Treo 300 is my first cell phone, so I don't know if the symptoms I'm seeing are problems with the 300 or Sprint's signal today.

    I live in somewhat of a fringe area, but I always get a 2-bar signal here at home; occasionally it will drop to a 1-bar signal, but that has never resulted in a dropped call.

    Today I get home and need to make a call. My 300 is showing a 2-bar signal. I make my outgoing call. About 2 seconds into "dialing" the signal indicator drops to 0 bars and the "No Response" indicator comes up. Once I click "Hang Up", the signal indicator goes back up to 2 bars.

    I've turned wireless mode off and then back on. I've powered the phone off and then back on. I've done a soft reset.

    Is it the phone or my signal? This is weird (not to mention annoying).


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    This exact behavior has been happening to me for 2 weeks now around Raleigh, NC. Called *2, but was on hold for 15 minutes, hung up.

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    Pretty common cell phone behavior.
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    Common? This is the first this has ever been happening to me, and I've been a Sprint customer for 4 years. Never happened on my old Samsung...


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