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    Verichat IM is working very well - Can't wait for the aol im to be added.

    Cool feature- When you are in another app and u get a text message you can reply to that message from within the text message or you can switch back to the verichat app. Great for a quick response with out having to leave the app you're in.

    I also think its great all the beta tester get the app for free.

    No I didn't read that anywhere I am trying a Jedi mind trick on the guys at PDAapps.
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    I'm testing Verichat as well, and it doesn't seem like the quick reply thing you mention works while on a call (at least it didn't for me the one time it happened). granted - that may be more of an SMS issue since I think the quick reply actually happens via SMS. Still though, it would be nice to have quick reply while on a call. maybe it should work and it didn't for me, the one time...
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    You won't be able to while on the phone because outgoing SMSs aren't really SMS but rather messages sent over the net to Treo300SMS servers. Therefore you run into the same constraints as you do with web browsing.
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    I like Verichat too but I have a question: How do you initiate an IM to someone from within the application? I have not figured out how to do this. I can respond if I get one ... but I can't seem to send one on my own. Will this feature be added later? I would also love to be able to log into Yahoo as "invisible" so I can just check to see who is online. Maybe this can be added to the list as well ...

    Otherwise it seems great!
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    Highlight the buddy, and either double click or hit enter, and you will be able to send that guy a message (initiate an chat).
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    Here's how to send an IM: (at least for the Yahoo! side of things)
    once you log in, and see the two windows that show who is online and who is offline, you can either click via stylus to select a user in the online group (or use the jog to select as well) - once you select a user, you'll see another window pop up called 'chat'. Click that, and you can then initiate a session with that person. You can also double-click on the selected user and the chat thing will open up. I think you can also press the jog once you have a user selected - all those things will commence a chat session.

    To get your status changed in Yahoo!, you click the little smiley guy on the upper right of the main menu, and a dropdown box has all the usual status messages - on the phone, out to lunch, invisible, etc. Select the one you want and there you go.

    One other cool thing I've noticed with this app is that it very closely mimics the desktop experience:
    You see when users log in
    You can tell when others are typing, during a chat session

    They don't yet have the ability to set custom status messages - I've told the PDAApps folks to get that one going...
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    the app also doesnt show the status of the other users - whether they are 'at lunch' on the phone, whatever. That's a pretty major need, as my company uses instant msg'ing heavily, and we really need to know what the other folks' status is. That way we know to bug them or not.
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    I agree with nrosser. The status is vital. That and the ability to send an IM to someone logged in in invisible mode. Right now, they show up as inactive (no surprise there), but we should be able to send them an offline chat message, not just an e-mail.
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    something weird. When the other person is typing it indicates such in the upper right corner. For some reason though it doesn't indicate it anymore on my friends computer.

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